So there I was standing with a rotary polisher in my hand. For quite some time I had heard that the tool I was holding was basically a mechanical paint destroyer and I was getting ready to use it! As one progresses in their quest to become the best they can at caring for their own vehicle you eventually wind up at polishing/paint correction. The scenario I mentioned above really happened but it was under the supervision of an instructor. Welcome to polishing school!

 One of the local retailers in town offers two classes a month on basic maintenance and polishing and I’ve always wanted to learn the craft and be more proficient so I signed up. Our instructor Jeff has been detailing for over thirty years so I knew there was much information to learn from him.

 We covered the basics of pad design, polishes, equipment and how to a make paint assessments in a class like setting before we even touched a machine. Of course we went right to the rotary first! What makes taking a class like this so great is that you learn proper technique from the get go and you learn how not to make the mistakes it might take years to learn on your own. Within 30 minutes the whole class was using rotary machines with confidence and we were getting great results on the practice hoods we were working on.

 We eventually moved on to headlights and using DA polishers (which literally feel like you can’t screw up with after learning a rotary) and had a final test which included making an assessment, choosing a plan of action and executing with whatever machine/pad/polish combo we felt was necessary to complete the task. The whole class passed.

 Bryan and I are always trying to get better at everything we do and constantly talk about things we are learning and using. We make each other better in the process. Taking this class was just a natural extension of who we are. We have even discussed becoming certified by the I.D.A. (International Detailers Association) as certified detailers. If you feel the same about life and learning I would recommend finding a class or some kind of training in your area if you can. Hell, it doesn’t have to be about polishing. It can be about anything you're curious about. Just go! If you’re reading this though you're most likely a car guy/gal so find a polishing/detail course near you and get better!