So you’re considering buying a Foam Cannon? After scouring the YouTube and the Internet for hours, you’re trying to decide if should you go with a $14.99 model you found on Amazon, or go with one of the more expensive reputable brands. Great, you’ve landed in the right place! I’ll try and break down the difference between the two so you can make a decision.


     Most everyone starts off with a cheaper foam cannon first. Maybe it’s budget driven or perhaps you’re more pragmatic and want to see whats all the buzz is about before pulling the trigger on an expensive one. A quick search on Amazon should have shown you several dozen different foam cannons, ranging between $14.99 to $19.99, even upwards $29.99 (depending on the included accessories). But you must have a critical look at what your needs and priorities are.


Our experience with budget friendly options has been, by and large, a positive one. They foam great and get the job done. If that’s what you’re looking for that might be the right fit. Then what are the downsides you ask? First of all is quality of fit and finish. Most inexpensive models will come with brass fittings and hardware which will corrode over time if the quality of your water is suboptimal. This translates to having to buy a replacement more often. The quality of the bottle itself on these models tends to be a harder plastic that is more brittle and prone to breakage. They tend to be more prone to clogging if they aren’t cleaned after every use and the quality of the foam itself is just a tad bit off from a top end model. At the end of the day if this is what your budget allows by all means go with one. Just be aware of the potential negatives and foam away! You will still be leaps and bounds ahead of the old bucket and sponge technique.


     If you’ve already owned a less expensive model and are looking to upgrade or you just want to go all out first, here’s what you can expect from a top of the line model. When I first got my MTM PF22 I was amazed at the difference! Bryan had been telling me to make the switch but I was happy with my less expensive one. The first thing I noticed when I removed it from the box was the quality of workmanship and materials. This thing is stout! The fittings are all Stainless Steel and the nozzle is plastic instead of metal. In addition to being adjustable as far as width of stream it can also be adjusted vertically and horizontally which is a nice feature. The bottle itself is a little softer and more pliable. This adds up to a cannon that will last for years. The main difference is the quality of the foam. It’s hard to describe but the foam is just thicker and denser than on my Amazon cannon. Soap dilution ratios play a role in this but with all things being equal it still foams better. It also tends to clog less and I only have to clean it every few washings. You’re experience will be all around better with a model like this but these are differences you should expect when paying around $75-$100. Are they necessary for the average weekend warrior? No, but sometimes you just get what you pay for.


For More Information, Check out the MTM PF22 Foam Gun HERE!!!

     At the end of the day whatever decision you make you should be happy with the results. If you’re coming off the bucket and sponge method or a Foam Gun for a garden hose you’ll be amazed no matter which route you go. Our motto is “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” so if all your budget allows for is a less expensive model go for it! If you can swing the extra $ for an expensive one just start there. At least you’ll never have to wonder!


- Jeff Rampino