We’re losing tire pressure! What?!?! That’s it we got a flat. Not exactly the way Bryan and I

intended on starting the day but stuff happens. We were on our way to the Palm Beach Cars

and Coffee and then we were stuck on the Sawgrass Expressway watching a group of 20 or so

Genesis coupes on their way to the show go right by us. 30 minutes and a few laughs later we

were on the road again. I’d like to thank Ford for giving me a 19mm lug wrench and 21mm

lugs! Sure does make things interesting.


Bryan has been telling me about the Palm Beach event for months and it did not disappoint!

Apparently it’s the largest in the country with participants traveling from as far away as

Tennessee to attend. You’ll find any kind of car you would ever want to see at the show.

Exotics, muscle cars, restomods, classics and even trucks are represented. Anytime you can

see a new Ford GT within 10 feet of the new Mclaren Senna you know this is the real deal. I

lingered around the Porsches (they’re always my favorites) and the rest of the crew checked

out what they liked. The crowds were in the thousands and it was great to see so many other

car enthusiasts. Even the kids got to participate with their own little toy cars to drive around a

makeshift track.


Our real purpose for going was to hand out flyers and get the word out about Bucket Hedz. We

quickly learned that eight dudes handing out flyers don’t do nearly as well as pretty girls

handing out theirs. Quite a funny learning curve but a learning curve none the less! We made

new friends and caught up with old ones and eventually it was time to leave. On the way out

the the road was lined with spectators waiting to see their favorite cars in motion and hear the

anticipated engine revs.


The next event is March 10th and I strongly urge going if you can make it. As crowded as this

event was they said it was light in both spectators and cars compared to other events. We’ll be

there as well sporting our new Buck Hedz shirts that will soon be on the site. If you see us be

sure to say hello we’d love to chat. Until then, drive safe and make sure your lug wrench fits

your lug nuts! ;)


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