Three Bucket Cleaning System

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This is literally the product that started Bucket Hedz. In the search for a three bucket wash system we couldn’t find an option that included the bucket quality we wanted with all the bells and whistles for an affordable price. Numerous conversations and discussions with vendors led us to the package you see here. Could you buy inexpensive products at your local retailer? Sure but when it comes to caring for your prized possession this isn’t the time to go cheap! Take a look at what we have included in the package:

  • 90mil Buckets to stand up to years of use.
  • Gamma Seal lids which keep dust and debris out and make stacking easier for storage.
  • Grit Guards to help keep dirt where you want it, away from your paint!
  • Ergonomic Over-sized bucket handles which really do help when carrying your buckets.
  • Clean well marked vinyl waterproof labels.

A lot of time and effort go into making each bucket set and they’re all hand made. Washing and drying are the two most common causes of swirls and scratches on your paint. By using our three bucket system you’re one step closer to keeping your ride showroom perfect!

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