SpeedMaster EZ Detail Big Brush

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SpeedMasterr EZ Detail Big Brush (Red)

Product Features

  • The professionals choice for a wheel brush to clean the inner barrels of your wheels
  • Mentioned as an essential tool professionals use in Autoweek magazine
  • Works great with soap and water or a wheel cleaner for maintaining wheels
  • Turns a good wheel detail into an exceptional one that really shines with open spoke wheel designs
  • Can also be used in your engine bay to agitate contamination after degreasing


Additional Details

If you need a brush that cleans your wheels, engine bay and other tough to reach areas the EZ Detail Brush is perfect for you. The extremely soft Nylex memory bristles allow it to safely clean wheels and more. The bristles are soft and flexible but still hold their shape so you can clean quickly and easily. The Full Size EZ Detail Brush is 18" long by 4.5" wide, uses a sturdy handle with a built in rubber knuckle guard and bonded vinyl tip. If you have spoke wheels or other tight areas the Mini EZ Detail Brush may work better for you. This brush is approximately 13" long and 2.5" wide and fits perfectly between even the tightest spoke wheels, engine bay compartments, etc. We recommend dipping the brush in warm water and agitating the wheels with your favorite shampoo, wheel cleaner or degreaser. Poke it through the spoke of the wheels and use it around the face of the wheel for a great cleaning. This brush is perfect for cleaning the inner barrels of your wheels that are tough to reach. It really specializes in those quick maintenance cleanings so your wheels look totally clean after a very quick cleaning. It's also used to clean the wheel wells on cars that have a very tiny gap between the wheel and wheel well. After just one use you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to clean your wheels and how much time you will save. Save your fingers and back from lots of bending over and scrubbing and start using the EZ Detail Brush.


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