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CarPro SO2 Pure Odor Eliminator


Product Features

  • Eliminate foul odors with only a few sprays!
  • So2 Pure actually cleans the air, it will not mask smells
  • Can be applied to virtually any interior surface
  • Product Code: 181



  • Photo Catalyst
  • Air Purifier Coating



  1. clean the surface well.
  2. shake well.
  3. spray on & wipe off with MF.
  4. let dry under sunshine.


Additional Details

CarPro So2 Pure Odor Eliminator will target and eliminate foul odors! Many air fresheners can mask or cover up odors and if you have a stinky smell in your vehicle, this gives you relief for a day, two days, maybe even a week. But what always happens is that the smell comes back when the air freshener is removed or fades away. With only a few sprays of So2 Pure, foul odors will be pinpointed and removed, not masked. The secret to So2 Pure is that it is an advanced high-end air purification coating, which has been formulated based on the latest nanoscience technology, photo catalyst. With photo catalyst, when there is the presence of light, active oxygen is formed and released onto the So2 Pure treated surfaces. This allows So2 Pure to destroy all micro-sized air pollutants that land on it, removing the odors at that time and allowing So2 Pure to keep removing foul odors for up to 1 year after application! Some odors that this product excels at removing includes gas fumes, smog, diesel smoke, exhaust gasses, industrial smoke, chemical off-gassing or VOCs from car fabric, leather and plastic materials, air toxins, cigarette odor, and so much more. The whole odor removal process of So2 Pure's photo catalytic decomposition is non-selective, green in nature, safe, non-toxic, pH neutral, colorless, and odorless. Odors will be removed and their microscopic remnants will be turned into harmless gasses and water vapor. With So2 Pure actually cleaning the air, it is great for allergy sufferers and anyone with a sensitivity to certain smells. So2 Pure can be applied to virtually any surface of your car interior such as headliner, seat, ceiling, dashboard, side panels, etc. Remove odors safely and easily with the CarPro So2 Pure Odor Eliminator!

Please Note: So2 Pure is an air purifier and will eliminate all smells good or bad from within the confines of your vehicle. Any use of air fresheners or scents of any type will be short lived and not beneficial in the long term.

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