Small Pet Bucket (3.5Gal)

Sale price$35.00


  • Food-Grade
  • Gamma Seals are Airtight & Leak-Proof 
  • Keeps Pet Food Fresh
  • Pest & Microbial Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Ergonomic Over-Sized Bucket Handles
  • Custom Pet Names Available & Choice Of Red, Blue Or Black
  • Please Contact Bucket Hedz for Custom Orders

Here at Bucket Hedz we are dog lovers and we have five in the family. When we were building our three bucket system we realized that the concept would do a great job keeping food fresh and safe for our furry friends. We thought it would be even better if we could personalize them for yours. Kibble dog food offers convenience but has its drawbacks. It can become dry or rancid when exposed to air after the bag is opened. By using one of our dog food storage buckets with a Gamma Seal lid you can prolong the life of your pets favorite morsels. Toby, Mattie, Mr. Scruffy, Stinky and Enzo would all agree that fresh food is the best food so order one today!

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