Mini Pet Hair Detailer

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Mini Pet Hair Remover - Dog Cat Fur Removal Brush, Easy To Clean Cat Hair Remover, Car Hair Detailer, Professional Hair Remover Brush for Couch, Car Interior, Carpet, Cushion, Furniture, Home Fabric
Four cleaning modes: Four cleaning modes are adopted, and each of the four sides has different tooth grain thickness, which is suitable for different places. Achieve the best cleaning effect.
Don't be afraid to scratch the delicate plastic, wood or chrome-plated objects nearby, and the products will not leave any scratches when used.
Effective and soft: Our pet shaving brush has an angled end and a serrated brush, which can remove cat hair or dog hair caught in corners.
You only need to spend a few minutes to remove hair and rinse it off with water, and you don't need to change it like a traditional hair roller to use it.
Washable and reusable. Don't waste money on disposable sticky cotton roller paper.
Our reusable cat and dog hair removal tools can remove dog hair from carpets and interiors. Just clean the hair on your pet's shaving brush with soap and water.
Comfortable handle: The pet brush for shaving is made of elastic soft rubber. The handle adopts arc concave design, which makes it convenient and comfortable to hold. Therefore, repeated shaving will not make you feel tired or make your hand muscles tense.
Pet brush can be perfectly used in automobiles, furniture, carpets, clothes, beds, clothes, sofas, blinds and chairs.
Essential goods for pet lovers: the perfect gift for pet lovers, especially those who have dogs, cats or any other long-haired animals. Buy this pet hair remover and give you a hairless home.

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