Lake County Precision Bug Scrubber

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Lake County Precision Bug Scrubber Applicator

Product Features

  • Precise control
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Paint Safe
  • Extremely Effective
  • Removes Bugs and other stubborn deposits
  • Extremely Durable
  • Easily Rinses Clean



Diameter: 3 3/4"

Width: 3"

Depth: 2 1/2"

Color: Yellow w/ Grey comfort foam handle

Material: Dense Honeycomb Foam



  • Compress beneath and soak in warm water or soak in your wash bucket to soften it up.
  • Apply to surface and easily remove bugs


Additional Details

Our Precision Bug Scrubber block utilizes a soft yet dense honeycomb structure, specifically designed to be safer than look-alike bug materials, while providing incredibly efficient scrubbing power for stubborn bugs and other contaminants.  Not only is it extremely effective and safe for the paint but is also specifically designed for precise control and offers a comfort grip handle to avoid hand fatigue.

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