Gyeon Q² Wax

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Gyeon Q2 Wax uses a similar formula as Q2 Booster, as it creates a highly reactive topcoat. This product will provide excellent hydrophobic properties that allow for water to bead up and roll off the surface, rather than stick around and create contaminated water spots. Not only that, but Gyeon Q2 Wax is an extremely glossy one, that will enhance any color vehicle.

Gyeon Q2 Wax is special as it has specialized formula by using fluorine. Fun fact, fluorine is known for being used with skis, as it repels moisture, allowing for faster and easier gliding. It works with car wax in a similar way, at least in the beneficial way or repelling water.

Hobbyists and professionals alike will love Gyeon Q2 Wax for not only it's protection and look, but also for its ease of use. It is easy on and easy wipe off! Before using Gyeon Q2 Wax, make sure you prep your surface by washing and degreasing the surface. Once the surface is ready, apply a light and even layer over your painted surface. Allow Gyeon Q2 Wax to cure for 30 minutes before you wipe of with a microfiber towel.

-Wash and degrease the surface properly for maximum performance.
-Apply a light and uniform layer over dry paintwork.
-Leave it to cure for a minimum of 30 minutes
-Wipe-off using Q2M PolishWipe or microfiber towel.

Box contains: Q2 Wax / Microfiber Towel / Wax Applicator

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