CARPRO CQuartz DLUX Wheel & Trim Coating

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CarPro CQuartz DLUX Wheel & Trim Coating

Protection For Paint, Plastics, Rubber, And Metals!

Product Features

  • Semi-permanent coating that will protect and restore your automotive pieces for up to one year!
  • Will help restore faded rubber and plastic trim pieces
  • Contains more than 50% pure silica
  • Comes with an applicator sponge and 4 suede microfiber cloths
  • Product Code: CP-DLUX


The CarPro Cquartz DLUX Plastic and Wheel Coating is a semi-permanent coating that will protect and restore your automotive pieces. DLUX contains more than 50% pure silica. This high purity percentage ensures having the most transparent glass coating over the surface, high levels of water repellency and long lasting paint protection from dirt, road salt, ice, snow, and other environmental contamination. DLUX will also coat plastic and rubber while restoring faded pieces and providing a low-gloss, like-new factory finish. CQuartz DLUX forms an incredible bond with the surface it lasts for up to one year! Check out the application instructions below and make sure you clean the surface thoroughly before applying. Protect your wheels and restore your rubber and plastic with the CarPro Cquartz DLUX Plastic and Wheel Coating!


  • Make sure the surface is cool and dry (do not work on hot surface.)
  • Clean the surface to remove any oils and wait until the surface is dry.
  • Wrap the blue sponge with a suede cloth. Pour a small amount (1-2 drops) of DLUX onto the suede cloth and apply. Let cure 1 - 10 minutes at 30 - 10 degrees C (86 - 50 degrees F), respectively.
  • Use a clean auto detailing cloth or suede microfiber to wipe it off gently, in a circle motion, until no streaks are left behind.


  • DLUX takes 1 - 3 hours to cure. Do not drive the car during this time. The water repellency improves with more cure time. Complete cure with NO rain takes about 24 hours. Any water marks created by rain must be wiped off during first 24 hours!


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