Vac N Blo® Pro Commercial Series PRO-83BA-CS

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The Vac N Blo® Pro Commercial Series mid-size provides exceptional power and versatility in an all-steel, American-made machine. As a vacuum, the incredible suction power generated by the twin fan 4.0 Peak HP motor (producing an almost unbelievable 95" of water lift) will clean your car’s interior in less time. The unit features 30 feet of car wash quality crushproof hose, claw type upholstery tool and crevice tool, along with EVERY conceivable specialized detailing vacuum cleaner attachment to provide you with professional results in minutes. As a blower, it clears water from inaccessible areas of your car and blasts dust from AC vents and shift boots.

The Vac N Blo® Pro Commercial Series from MetroVac is the first choice of professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide!

With 30 feet of commercial quality hose, you can use the Vac N Blo® while it’s mounted on the wall or slip it off the wall mount bracket and wheel it over to your favorite car.  The Vac N Blo® Commercial Series features a complete set of attachments that are designed to help provide you with the ultimate vehicle detailing vacuum cleaner. Its quality attachments include a commercial-quality car wash hose, top-performance 1.5 in. “claw” upholstery and carpet tool, 1.5 in. crevice tool to help with hard-to-reach areas.  A 1.5 inch to 1.25 inch hose cuff adaptor adds even more versatility enabling the use of a vast array of specialized car vacuuming detailing tools to thoroughly clean every inch of your vehicle with precision.

You’ll be amazed at how the Vac N Blo® Commercial Series can reduce the time it takes your to clean a vehicle. When your detail service is complete, simply place the Vac N Blo® commercial dryer back onto its wall mount or roll it onto the next vehicle. The hose bracket and tool caddy keeps it all neat!  It’s a powerful machine to make your vehicles pristine!

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