We like to clean things, especially cars. Bucket Hedz was born through a discussion about the most effective way to clean a car; the three bucket wash system. Car enthusiasts know that the best wash comes from clean water. We put together a bucket system to keep the dirt and grime from wheels separate from the body of the vehicle. Three buckets keeps your wash clean, it’s effective, and along with the products we offer, allows your car to stay cleaner longer.

Bucket Hedz is a family run operation. We were born and raised around cars; going to local car shows, winning best in class, and collecting fun and fast cars. Here’s the thing, after countless hours of looking we realized that there wasn’t really a place online for someone who loves their car the way we love our cars. Bucket Hedz is the place the average guy / gal feels at home. And yes guys, girls love their cars too! We’re the kind of people you would talk with at your local Cars and Coffee, chatting about what works for us and just as interested in what works for you. We have hand selected the products we carry based on what we’ve used and found to be successful. We want you to be a part of this journey with us and we’re glad you’re here.

Bryan and Jeff

The Bucket Hedz






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