Foamaster™ II Cleaning Gun, Plastic Head, Multi-Ratio, Plain Bottle quart (895084-1001)

Ideal for safely mixing and spraying foaming chemicals. Features a quick-set dial for selecting a mixing ratio, so your cleaning solution will be accurate the first time.


  • Wide, easy-to-fill mouth prevents spills
    • Foaming attachment provides fan spray to maximize coverage area
    • Lifetime warranty

Multi-ratio dial has 5 mixing head settings and shut off.
• A: 1-128 for 1 oz./gal.
• B: 1-64 for 2 oz./gal.
• C: 1-32 for 4 oz./gal.
• D: 1-20 for 6 oz./gal.
• E: 1-10 for 12 oz./gal.


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